Investing in progress. Living my values.

Portfolio Manager of HITE Carbon Offset.

Previously Founder of Odin River, CIO at Artivest and an investor at leading investment firms, including Paulson & Co. and others.

Hold JD and MBA degrees from Harvard and degrees in Philosophy and Finance from Washington University in St. Louis.

Leadership Council for Year Up here in NYC.

Greenwich is home. Texas is my roots.

Writing: MediumParanoidBull, and Not Stealth.
Tweeting: @Davealevine

Recent TV appearances at BoldTV, AlJazeera, and i24News (here, here, and here).

Frequent guest speaker including recent appearances at NYCEDC, NYU, Danish Consulate, Bard University, and other locations.

Washington University profiled me here. And Business Insider mentioned me as one of the 55 Unknown Rockstars in Tech.

Me on @medium:

View at

I’m also an outspoken fan of new products I love like Quip:

“I don’t miss Word at all.”  

“There are no more Microsoft Word documents being circulated. If someone emails me a Word document, I’ll tell them to put it in Quip.”.

“It allows me to accomplish what I need to do without interrupting my flow,” he says.

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